The New Way to reverse auctions, introduced by Enesa Eco Solutions Private Limited, provides a unique end to end technology solution to its customers to conduct reverse auctions. In a reverse auction, the sellers compete to obtain business from the buyer and prices typically decrease as the sellers underbid each other. Bidders can see the bid offered by other supplier without their identity. Many businesses use this technique to reduce their cost of procurements by creating competition among suppliers.

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Generally this method is used for large value procurements as the process of reverse bidding is complex and requires expert support to conduct. has introduced a DIY (Do it yourself) tool, where the whole process from RFQ creation, inviting suppliers, conducting auction event, delivery and feedback automated and digitised. Due to its DIY concept, the cost of conducting an event can be significantly reduced and hence can be used even for smaller value procurements. follows a very rigid process of selection of suppliers so as to ensure its customers have best suppliers/ service providers in case they opt for public bids. Apart from the same it provides ratings & review of its registered suppliers which helps customers in short listing them.

For suppliers it gives a platform where they can introduce themselves, advertise their products/ services and develop their business. Our module is dynamic, user-friendly, transparent, and gives you a 100% secured access.


Customers can procure services/material in simple 3 steps.
1. Create a RFQ 2. Invite suppliers for online bidding 3. Submission of quotes by suppliers & customer to select the best